The ATPC and Fintech Corridor Launch Revolutionary Transatlantic Exchange

May Event to Grow Relationships, Economic Development, and Cross-Border Policy Knowledge

February 14, 2024 (Atlanta, GA) – The Fintech Corridor (TFC) and the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC), today announced a new partnership to offer a one-of-a-kind exchange driving Transatlantic workforce development, policy best practices, investment, and internationalization between The Republic of Ireland, Belfast in the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. American companies continue to invest in Ireland, which is the linchpin in understanding both European Union and United Kingdom regulatory schemes, and these relationships and policy themes will be explored in Dublin and Belfast, May 13-16, 2024.  

The ATPC, founded in 2014, served as a blueprint for The Fintech Corridor’s work, which led to the two organizations establishing a relationship during the pandemic as TFC sought to build an education workforce development platform modeled on the Georgia Fintech Academy. A relationship grew from there and the conference was born in order to promote the spirit of cooperation, networking, education partnerships, new business opportunities, and knowledge sharing using the power of the most unique business cluster on the island of Ireland (Republic of, and Northern Ireland). This event has a specific remit for the joint clusters to develop common goals and activities. This will be of major benefit to both ecosystems as they learn from each other, and via structured initiatives to enable US, EU, and UK access to new global value chains.

“Our organizations established a desire to build connectivity between payments and fintech corridors and drive visibility; foster relationships; share technology and policy best practices; and bolster international investment,” said TFC CEO Hilary Moran. “A successful program of events will drive greater connectivity and collaboration within the US, EU and UK, while allowing participants to build meaningful relationships in a relaxed ‘exchange’ environment.”

The summit, hosted in Dublin and Belfast, includes panel discussions, networking opportunities, business showcasing, presentations, and interactive fun with opportunities to socialize and partake in bespoke guided or self-guided tourism. Venues like Leinster House, Guinness Storehouse, and Belfast City hall will serve as historic and interactive backdrops for the conference.

“This unique cross-border proposition connects US, EU, and UK fintech ecosystems and will help drive deeper understanding of opportunities in each governance zone,” said ATPC Executive Director H. West Richards. “Brexit profoundly changed how EU and UK fintech companies interact with each other, and access to companies in both jurisdictions will enable us to work closely to develop common solutions and increase cooperation and opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic, especially as US regulators work on cybersecurity, data privacy and other critical issues.”

TFC, the primary Cross-Border Fintech Cluster on the island of Ireland is a pathway for industry leaders, businesses, academic institutions, and development agencies to provide economic growth opportunities for the financial and technology sector in the region between Belfast and Dublin. TFC provides a unique opportunity to collaborate between north and south while focusing on the wider aspects of developing partnerships and positioning the Dublin to Belfast region as the most attractive and accessible location for Fintech on the island and as a gateway for fintech companies to Europe, whilst connecting EU & UK fintech.

The ATPC is a leading voice for America’s payments processors, driving awareness of the industry and its value to consumers, businesses, and the economy with legislators and regulators at federal, state, and international levels. And the ATPC has an unparalleled international pedigree having developed P20, a first of its kind annual London to Atlanta payments thought leadership forum for the top industry leaders to meet and share perspectives with U.S. and U.K. legislators and regulators; the event covered industry challenges and how best to promote US/UK and EU regulatory frameworks across the globe against the backdrop of a rising China.

The 2024 Transatlantic Exchange is using the tagline “Elevating Fintech” to drive a program that goes beyond mere policy and economic transactions. Instead, the goal is to build real relationships and understanding among an exclusive group of fewer than 75 industry executives, government representatives, and academic institutions. And we expect to announce multiple formal Memos of Understanding during the conference that will forever change the fintech and payments processing industries.

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About the ATPC

The ATPC is a leading voice for America’s payments processors, driving awareness of the industry and its value to consumers, businesses, and the economy with legislators and regulators at federal, state, and international levels.

The ATPC is rooted in Georgia’s Transaction Alley where electronic payments and the fintech industry began. Yet, our members enable payments in states across the nation and in every corner of the globe. The ATPC has a rich history of economic development, thought leadership, and engagement on legislative and regulatory topics like cybersecurity, privacy, financial inclusion, fraud, as well as emerging themes like open banking, AI, and stable coins.

About The Fintech Corridor

Pioneering vision for the island of Ireland, The Fintech Corridor is a unique cluster straddling two jurisdictions with responsibility for increased co-operation and collaboration amongst indigenous and investment fintech’s on the island of Ireland, ensuring both ecosystems are well represented and the cluster activities and operations benefit the all island economy.