Politicians, industry executives and other key stakeholders gathered in midtown Atlanta on September 1st for a Congressional Payments Technology Caucus Meet-andGreet. The 52nd floor of the Bank of America tower played host to Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), Rep. David Scott (D-GA), Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) and a crowd of more than 100 FinTech and payments technology partners.

Rep. Westmoreland noted that there are a plethora of caucuses in Washington, D.C. but he has yet to see one as active as this newly formed Payments Technology Caucus. The Congressman asked that Georgia companies in the industry offer to host his staff in the upcoming year as they continue to learn about FinTech and desire to bring companies’ input and information to the caucus.

In his remarks, Congressman Scott cited the fact that 70 percent of electronic payments are processing in Georgia. Furthermore, he noted that the payments industry is the fulcrum of commerce. Reps. Westmoreland and Scott are two of the four co-chairs of the Congressional Payments Technology Caucus.

With cybersecurity remaining a notable topic in the news and legislation in queue, the group in attendance was informed the next caucus meeting will be on chip technology in credit cards. In closing, Rep. Westmoreland thanked all the industry groups that came together to host the event, recognizing the ATPC for their leadership and advocacy in the industry.