The American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) hosted the Transaction Alley Cyber Forum today at Coda Tech Square in Midtown. The 2020 Cyber Forum event was designed to further education and public/private collaboration, and to be a catalyst for creating “working” groups that operate throughout the year to achieve cyber resiliency goals.

The Cyber Forum was organized and endorsed by the U.S. Senate Payments Caucus to bring together public and private sector CISO’s and Incident Response professionals to increase local industry cyber resiliency by developing a coordinated “Disaster Recovery Strategy” and “Incident Response Plan” for Transaction Alley’s (and America’s) payment processors ecosystem.

The ATPC will leverage the momentum from this conference to activate a planning committee to develop a Transaction Alley Incidence Response Plan. The ATPC also was a lead force behind cyber war game exercises held at the IBM Cyber Range outside Boston the past two years; and will develop a findings report for circulation with Congress, Federal agency officials and the Trump Administration.