The ATPC held its 5th annual Capitol Hill fly-in this year as the Coalition celebrates its 5th Anniversary and supports its “ATPC First” Initiative.

The annual member Capitol Hill fly-in featured an ATPC record number of meetings on Wednesday, June 12th. Active participation by members and prospective members allowed the team to cover both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House office buildings with deft footwork. There were six meetings with Senators or Members themselves – another impressive feat. Perhaps most importantly though, the fruits of ATPC’s labor in Washington, D.C. continue to be harvested as a leading payments resource for offices on relevant committees in both chambers. In the time since the fly-in, ATPC contributed questions and comments for Rep. French Hill to use in a House Financial Services Committee hearing on June 25; and connected several member-company experts to the FinTech Task Force and AI Task Force, launched within the House Financial Services Committee this year.

ATPC truly shines on Capitol Hill, where we build upon the organization founding work establishing champions within the Georgia delegation. Having succeeded at that, the blueprint expanded to include the growing membership’s constituent Congressional offices, relevant committee members – and now, beyond.