In March 2015, H. West Richards, Steve Karp of Worldpay, and Greg Boardman of Ingenico North American presented to a full room of state legislators, largely comprised of members of the House Banks & Banking Committee. The lunch-­‐and-­‐learn session was designed to educate the decision makers on the magnitude of the payments industry in their own backyard and also walk them through the payments ecosystem and what goes into each credit, debit, and gift card swipe “behind-­‐the-­‐scenes” in a matter of seconds.

The ATPC also took part in the Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) FinTech Day at the Capitol in February – presenting to a group of state legislators and officials over lunch as part of their Gold Dome fly-­‐in.

That same day, the ATPC’s delegation also spoke to members of the Georgia Democratic Caucus, which allowed industry experts and legislators to interact on a nearly one-­‐on-­‐one basis to answer questions.