Transaction Alley Talks “Planning and Implementing DEI Programs in 2023″

Leveraging Data and Facilitating Relationships Between Leadership and Talent

The ATPC hosted its first Transaction Alley Talks of 2023 on Wednesday, convening a workshop on “Planning and Implementing DEI Programs in 2023: Leveraging Data and Facilitating Relationships Between Leadership and Talent.”

The program, hosted by Holland & Knight Atlanta, included a networking session followed by 45-minute workshops with Mohamed Massaquoi (VESSOL founder) and Noelle London (Illoominus founder).

Noelle and her company believe having access to benchmarking data is critical when setting your company’s DEI strategy for the next year. Illoominus is an Atlanta-based DEI analytics company, and Noelle shared their benchmarking white paper as a starting point for discussions around goal setting for diversity and representation within organizations. Learnings came from observing workforce population data across the top 100 U.S. companies over the course of two years. Noelle specifically shared data for DEI across Financial Services companies and concluded with some actionable items and next steps, including joining Illoominus’ People Leader Community for best practices

VESSOL improves interactions between leadership teams and strengthens team-to-manager relationships by aligning organizational and individual goals. In doing so, organizations see an increased engagement toward the right outcomes. Organizations identify where, how, and why silos/bottlenecks put a strain on their people, information, and resources. Organizations can expect a boost in internal communication to navigate challenging topics and improve working styles from everyday responsibilities to new growth opportunities. VESSOL helps map effective internal networks and build valuable connections between colleagues and departments for cross-functional teams. Mohamed led a DEI situational awareness exercise that had participants thinking deeply and communicating about perceptions, values, and systems.

The ATPC leveraged its influence and relationships during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to create a virtual speaker series that brings together the payments and fintech ecosystems for critical conversations and to provide onramps to immediate programmatic and policy action. Transaction Alley Talks continues now in the form of in-person panels and education seminars designed to benefit our membership and payments community. The 2023 program will include two “talks” on Diversity Equity and Inclusion issues. Stay tuned for more information on the next program scheduled for October 19th in Atlanta.