The ATPC Takes The Hill

The American Transaction Processors Coalition wrapped a busy and impactful trip to Washington, D.C. June 12-13, which included the annual Capitol Hill Fly-In – our largest ever.

The two days of activities across The District included: 2024 Future Leaders cohort, class two, “Government Relations Primer;” Q2 ATPC Board of Directors Meeting; The Hill evening reception; and more than 35 legislative meetings in the U.S. House and Senate.

The Future Leaders participated in the open community session of the ATPC Q2 Board of Directors Meeting, attended all speaker programs, joined legislative meetings on The Hill, and toured the U.S. Capitol Building. Future Leader program speakers included:

  • Federal Government Insights with Tom Worrall, Founding Partner of Whitmer & Worrall
  • Keynote Speaker: Kevin MacMillan, SVP of US Bank, Head of State and Federal Government Relations
  • State Government Relations Insights with Joe Testa, Founder, Joe Testa & Associates; and Jay L. Morgan, Founder, JL Morgan
  • 2024 Presidential Election insights from Erik Komendant, Principal at Whitmer & Worrall
  • Financial Services legislative update from Andrew Duke, CEO, Online Lenders Alliance

The ATPC Board of Directors discussed a range of business and legislative critical issues currently facing the industry. And they heard from insightful speakers, including:

  • ATPC Cyber Council update from Norma Krayem, ATPC Cyber Director; and Rick Van Luvender, SVP, Head of Cyber Security Client Trust & International Cyber Security Services
  • The 2024 U.S. Election; Perspectives from both the U.S. and Overseas: Michael P. Meehan, Founder and CEO, Squared Communications
  • State government relations update from Joe Testa and Jay Morgan
  • ATPC Policy Committee report and discussion led by Tom Worrall and Rich Santoro, SVP, Government Relations, Discover and ATPC Policy Committee Chair

A cadre of ATPC board members, staff, sponsors and collaborators converged on Capitol Hill for day two of the trip. Legislative meetings are always the centerpiece of the annual fly-in and 75 ATPC representatives participated in 35 conversations across the U.S. House and Senate. The meetings were designed to continue the legislative education process, build payments champions, and recruit representatives to the House Fintech and Payments Caucus.

Lastly, three legislative speakers rounded out insights for attendees. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA, 11) served as breakfast keynote speaker. And the ATPC Board of Directors Luncheon included special guests Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY, 6) and Rep. French Hill (R-AR, 2).

ATPC Board Chair Barry McCarthy and ATPC Executive Director H. West Richards walk to their next meeting