“With this amended budget, we are investing in Georgia’s top priorities and addressing the most critical issues facing our state,” said Deal. “This budget reflects the solid economic growth that Georgia continues to enjoy and ensures that our communities will be safer tomorrow than they were yesterday. As we look to maintain Georgia as the No. 1 place in which to do business today, we are also looking to the future so that Georgia will lead the way in job creation and cybersecurity. I want to thank the members of the General Assembly who made this amended budget possible, as their quick and unified action will have a significant and lasting impact in the lives of Georgians.”

The Amended FY 2017 budget includes $50 million to establish the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center that will be located on state-owned property in Augusta. The partnership between state and federal agencies, as well as the private sector, will create a secure environment for cybersecurity education programs, testing and training. Already home to the Cyber Center of Excellence and the future headquarters of the U.S. Army cyber command headquarters, the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center will promote modernization in cybersecurity technology for both private and public industries in Georgia and beyond.

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