The ATPC Future Leaders program identifies and educates rising professionals primed to lead the payments processing industry across technological, institutional, business development and workforce portfolios. This year-long program is comprised of multiple networking and educational activities to enhance future success of ATPC member and sponsor company young professionals.

Future Leaders expands industry knowledge, creates onramps to government and regulatory engagement, and develops leadership skills. The initial three courses offered in 2020 will be augmented with a fourth this year, focused on mentoring.

The ATPC will welcome 10 to 15 participants this year with kickoff slated for the second half of 2021. The delayed program launch provides the best chance for a fully in-person program, which was one of the key takeaways from last year’s class – it works remotely but is infinitely more powerful in-person. The courses will include Mentoring, Leadership 101, Government 101, and Technical Expertise.

The ATPC has released its applications to its members and will announce the class on May 15th.