Kirk Stuart, SVP, Head of North America Merchant and Acquiring, Visa

Kirk Stuart, Head of NA Merchant, for Visa Inc., is responsible for Visa’s North American Merchants and Acquiring business. Kirk manages a world-class team focused on driving enterprise value for Visa’s merchant/seller ecosystem. He brings a diverse and unique background that encompasses both depth in digital payment and in the co-brand / loyalty space.
Throughout his career, Kirk has been known as a “culture builder” through his leadership focused on transparency, trust, integrity and the advancement of those that are underrepresented within each level of the workforce.
Over twenty years at Visa, Kirk’s career highlights include redesigning Visa’s strategy and approach to the merchant/seller community. He is also credited with launching Visa’s global partnership/co-brand practice and growing some of the worlds’ leading credit and loyalty programs with top airline, lodging companies, and retailers.
Prior to Visa, Kirk worked for Delta Airlines, where he led their global financial services partnerships and strategy. Kirk began his career in payments and loyalty with GE Capital, where he held various management positions spanning marketing, risk and operations.