The ATPC’s latest “Transaction Alley Talks” speaker series event covered the U.K. and European fintech ecosystems and how they impact U.S. fintech companies. Kunal Khatri, U.K. Deputy HM Trade Commissioner for the USA, keynoted the event and reviewed the state of the Commonwealth’s fintech ecosystem and how their government is working to support and grow this industry. Mr. Khatri then joined a panel with: Andrew Ciafardini, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Global Public Policy for FIS; Jane Elliott, Chief Communications and Human Resources Officer for Deluxe, and Fintech Atlanta Chairwoman; and Robert Sullivan, Director, Public Policy EMEA, for FIS. The panelists reviewed the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on the fintech ecosystems in the U.K. and Europe. They also emphasized the importance of continuing to build relationships between European and U.S. payment ecosystems.